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ImpaKarma is a platform and community that enables and promotes users to do good. We already spend so much time taking pictures of everything we do, why not replace that habit to make the world a better place? ImpaKarma lets you do exactly that! Pin, locate and showcase your impact and inspire others in the process to follow in your footsteps.

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Download the free app, sign up and you can get started in minutes!

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Help It

Our dynamic map lets you find or pinpoint locations that need help, and events to join on the go.

Spread the Word with Pictures

Show your friends what you are tackling to entice them to join and build good karma.

Work and
finish the event

Invest your time and passion into an act of kindness, and continue doing good deeds!

Inspire Others with 'After' Pictures

Capture the end result and share it with the world. Show them how you’re saving the planet!

Map to Discover Hotspots

Find countless hotspots and events to join through our real-time maps and list views. When you find something interesting click on the pinned location for more information about its date, time, and requirements.

Invite Friends & Complete the Project Together

Check out the activity description and complete it alone or with friends and loved ones to save the planet! Earn Karma points together while doing good deeds for society!

Showcase Your Impact

Let others in your circle know what you’re doing for society. Take �?before’ and 'after' pictures, and share them with friends and your community - inspire others to join and do good alongside you!

Encourage Friends to Join Your Stride

Show your friends how you have done your part to create a better world. Share your experience and picture in the ImpaKarma social feed and share it elsewhere using the #impakarma hashtag to gain more sweepstake entries for the $500 grand prize.

Start Slowly

Instead of rushing into projects, take your time and choose one that fits your schedule. Help the environment out in whatever way you can, at your own convenience. Anytime, any day.

Join Events with Friends

Share the joy of leaving a positive mark in the world by tackling crucial environmental issues with friends. Do a good deed today, and inspire others around you, to do the same. At your convenience. Anytime. Any day.

Become A Trendsetter

Enjoy Karma points and discounts from completing everything from small acts of kindness to project events for your community. Motivate others to join great causes too!

We Are Gonna Create The Best Community!

With ImpaKarma, you can give your best to help the community and resolve its environmental issues. Give back to the planet and gain karma points from doing good deeds!

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Join hands with millions of others working for the same causes as you. Compete activities with your friends to gain Karma points and enjoy real-time benefits!
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