5K For Freedom 
ImpaKarma X IJM 
8:50 AM Nameless Field

The Imapakarma x International Justice Mission 5k is a run/walk dedicated to raising money and spreading awareness for IJM and their work in the prevention of human trafficking. The event is also supported by the Transformation Freedom Initiative, working on human trafficking awareness in the Charlottesville area.

Why Join the

100% of the proceeds from the race will go to IJM and Transformation Freedom Initiative, an organization dedicated to preventing human trafficking in the Charlottesville area. At ImpaKarma, we want to create a community that praises doing good and will enable members to freely influence others by sharing their success stories, from small acts of kindness to large ones like participating in this race. Please consider participating to help us grow and fulfill our mission.

Time ⏰ 

Saturday, December 4th 2021
8:50 AM Check-in
9:15 AM Start

Contact ☎️

Email: [email protected]
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IMPAKARMA 5k route


Nameless Field,
Charlottesville, VA 22903
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